Once Upon A Time | Frozen

  tis complete    at least i think it is    i mean who else could they cast?    once upon a time    frozen ouat    elsa    amma    kristoff    hans    pabbie  
  kills me everytime    greys anatomy    slexie    mark sloan    lexie grey  
  ooooo    once upon a time    frozen ouat    kristoff x anna    cs    kristoff    anna    captain hook    emma swan    its gonna be good  


Colin’s reaction when people bring up Emma in interviews (✿◠‿◠)


This moment in tonight’s episode! Bring me a kleenex! 

I need your help
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#jen’s reaction every time colin talks about killian and his feelings for emma#is actually the cutest (✿◠‿◠)

  awwww    im gonna die    once upon a time    cs    cc    colin o'donoghue    jennifer morrison  

AU!Slexie - wedding [request]

  no    this just sucks    please no    greys anatomy    slexie    mark sloan    lexie grey