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Aria Montgomery & Ezra Fitz || Your Mother assigned me with pie duty …

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Ezra Fitz || 5.12 - Fatal Finale 

2.03//5.12 [you’re my once upon a time.]

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2x12 // 5x12

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This year saw the series finales of How I Met Your Mother, Dexter, and Breaking Bad. If you had asked me which show would have the saddest finale, I certainly wouldn’t have guessed the one about the nice man who tells a story to his kids.

That’s right, kids. Dexter lived, Jesse Pinkman lived, but your mother didn’t make it. Sleep tight.


—Seth Myers tells it like it is in his monologue at the 2014 Emmys (via cameronclarke)
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Ingrid and Dash in Art of Darkness

Just watched Witches of East End and I’m so pissed at Frederick right now!


Winter arrives early this fall. #OnceIsFrozen

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So I just watched the A to Z pilot…and I absolutely love it!

It’s like How I Met Your Mother and Pushing Daisies all rolled into one!

Now let’s hope it lasts longer than Pushing Daisies and ends better than HIMYM!

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